Joint Balancing Zone – DK & SE gas markets modifications

EU network code on balancing standards lead to modifications on Swedish and Danish gas markets. The current two separated balancing zones (one for Denmark, one for Sweden), will become just one Joint Balancing Zone (“JBZ”) on April 1st, 2019.

If this will not lead major changes for Danish shippers, this will bring modifications for current Swedish Balancing Administrators. They will have to adapt to a balancing model that is in accordance with the European network code on balance (NC BAL), and hereby remove the current free balancing band. Daily balancing actions will now be performed with short term standardised products as it is done in Denmark today.

As always with structural changes, there will be IT modifications to be implemented.

Nomination process will be strongly impacted.

If nomination for Swedish gas market are still to be sent to Swedegas as today, nomination results, metered and allocated data will not be sent by Swedegas anymore:

  • Nomination results will be sent by the Balancing Area Manager (“BAM”) in the Edig@s NOMRES format

  • Allocated data will be sent by the BAM in the Edig@s ALOCAT/MARSIT format

  • Within day data will be sent by the BAM in the Edig@s GASDAT/METRED format

  • Edig@s 5.1 nomination will be possible for Swedegas remaining nominations (production, consumption and storage)

When facing such changes, IT systems are always a challenge, specially for nominations. Shippers have to be ready not only from an operational point of view but also from an IT point of view.

This is where we believe that our solution eZ-Ops brings strong added value to shippers handling their nominations through our system. Nomination formats and such balancing zone configuration modifications are always up-to-date on our side. We follow market changes and handle IT changes upfront so that it becomes transparent and painless for shippers.

As of today, our solution already handles full communications with Energinet and swedegas, Edig@s 5.1 nomination formats are implemented and ready for the JBZ. We connect easily to any ETRM or deal capturing system so do not hesitate to contact us if you feel this could help you!