Handling operations in the ETRM world

On power and gas energy markets, risk analysis, financial deals, contract and portfolio management / optimisation is core DNA of the mature and competitive ETRM software solutions space.

However, when it comes to physical short term balancing, nominations and scheduling we think it is another story : those processes are critical for energy market participants and European power and gas markets are far from being harmonised specially on the nomination part.

This is a full time job to understand every operator processes and specifications and to keep them constantly updated.

This is why we focus our services on the fully automated eZ-Operations® power and gas logistics solution which comes as a full complementary and external application to ETRM solutions.

Handling operations becomes easy then.

This is what we have explained to Gary Vasey from ComTech Advisory. We thank him again for his time. Read the full interview here : https://www.ctrmcenter.com/blog/vendor-news-blog/ez-nergy-tackles-operations-europe/

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