Energy markets scheduling

Automated power and gas scheduling software


All over Europe, should it be for power or gas, forget about energy nomination processes complexity and rely on a user friendly and automated nomination solution. eZ-Ops nomination module handles power and gas logistics for European energy markets.

eZ-Ops nomination and scheduling software will automatically nominate your positions on hubs, TSOs, cross-borders, storages based on your deals, energy forecasts scheduled energy flows. Nominations are made in due respect of operators deadlines and technical specifications. Every evolution is handled in due time by our IT team and fully transparent for you. No maintenance is needed on your side.

Main nomination formats such as Edig@s (EDIGAS), EDI, EDIFACT, ESS are fully supported.

eZ-Ops nomination software is designed to offer numerous and various connection possibilities to other systems (deal capturing systems, ETRM softwares, forecast and optimisation systems). Input data feed remains very easy and can be fully automated via the use of our REST API or file exchange (ftp, smtp). Manual capture is also possible.

Peace of mind and ease of use!

eZ-Ops nomination solution offers full nomination workflow management. Clear matching status and detailed information are accessible. You can also access and download nomination messages.

eZ-Ops nomination module offers several possibilities to trigger nominations: scheduled, on event and manual: nomination worflow is easily adapted to your needs.

In order to offer full nomination service, our eZ-Ops nomination module is always updated with latest power and gas operators specifications. As a member of EASEE-Gas association we also handle our own AS2 and AS4 servers for gas nominations.

Should you wish to integrate our automated nomination functionalities in your own tools or code, you could as well use our REST API to handle the full nomination workflow.