Power generation scheduling

Power generation scheduling


Power generation assets require specific power scheduling messages for production schedules and associated technical constraints (Minimum and maximum power output, ramping up and down, reserves scheduling…).

These complex processes are fully handled in the power generation scheduling module of our eZ-Ops solution. This module easily plugs to any power generation forecast solution or power generation optimisation software. Based on those input data, eZ-Ops power generation scheduling module automates full communication workflows with TSOs, from long term schedules and availabilities information to real time activation on tertiary reserve/mFRR and real time communication with power production assets. Day-ahead scheduling for FCR and aFRR is also possible.

Whenever communication is required with TSO on a real time basis, eZ-Ops generation scheduling module will notify your on-site operators (text message, email, phone calls) and send updated schedule to power plant scada or steering system.

Ease of use and peace of mind!

Our power generation scheduling solution offers full generation scheduling workflow management. You can also access and download schedule messages. Every evolution is handled in due time by our IT team and fully transparent for you. No maintenance is needed on your side.

eZ-Ops generation module offers several possibilities to trigger schedules: scheduled, on event and manual: generation schedules worflow is easily adapted to your needs.

Our eZ-Ops scheduling module also enables real time production vs. scheduled output monitoring.

Should you wish to integrate our scheduling functionalities in your own tools or code, you could as well use our REST API.