Position management

Power and gas position management


Keeping track of your positions on different market areas becomes a challenge when focusing on day-ahead and intraday as trades, consumption forecasts, production schedules, cross border and storage flows are usually issued from various systems and energy softwares.

eZ-Ops position management software will bring you a clear vision of your physical positions bringing all those data together. Positions are calculated and displayed with both aggregated and detailed levels. You have the possibility to check that your positions are balanced at any time and proceed to nominations and scheduling afterwards. Capacity management is also included.

If you use the eZ-Ops automated and algorithmic trading software, executed trades are automatically integrated in your positions.

eZ-Ops position management software is designed to offer numerous and various connection possibilities to other systems (deal capturing systems, ETRM softwares, forecast and optimisation systems…). Input data feed remains very easy and can be fully automated via the use of our REST API or file exchange (ftp, smtp). Manual capture is also possible.

Say goodbye to Excel spreadsheets!

eZ-Ops power and gas position management solution offers clear and user friendly vision with high details on your positions (trades, consumption, production, cross borders schedules…).

Power and gas position also enables quick and automated balancing actions: flatten a power position directly through a cross-border, sschedule 50% of your gas position in a storage…

Should you wish to integrate our automated nomination functionalities in your own tools or code, you could as well use our REST API to handle the full nomination workflow.