Algorithmic trading software

Seize continuous market opportunities with our
algorithmic trading software


eZ-Ops offers a fast, powerful and reliable automated and algorithmic trading platform.

With its users friendly graphical interface, available algorithms and vast range of parameters, you will be in a position to easily optimise your intraday positions and available flexibilities. eZ-Ops automated trading module also offers day-ahead automated auctioning.

Intraday algorithmic trading

Our algorithmic trading software is very scalable. You can start with just one trading session on one market zone or handle several intraday positions traded with different algorithms having your trades fully integrated to our eZ-Ops nomination and scheduling module. Using our algorithmic trading module will enable you to quickly add new sessions and adapt your strategy at any time.

As we know that getting confident in your strategy and our automated trading software is important, eZ-Ops also enables live testing of your strategy on the exchange live production environment.

The principle of our automated trading solution is to roll out highly flexible algorithmic trading strategies on European energy markets. First step is to elaborate your strategy first: define the energy volumes you want the algorithmic trading sofware to trade, the energy price limits you want to set and how to interact with a live volatile energy market. Then let our algorithms buy and sell accordingly. Every data can be either static either dynamic or live data, with a direct feed from an external system (live production forecast, system imbalance prices calculation…).

eZ-nergy has the status of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) bor both day-ahead and intraday markets on EPEX Spot, Nord Pool and CROPEX.

Standard available energy trading algorithms are:

  • eZ-Close: Close open positions

  • eZ-Flex:   Optimal use of a flexibility

Available parameters will enable you to fine tune your trading strategy and adapt to market conditions.

As Autotrading and algorithmic trading solution is just one piece of the puzzle, our eZ-Ops energy trading solution enables automated nominations whenever a trade is made. It also enables generation assets automated re-scheduling.

Should you wish to integrate our functionalities in your own tools or code, you could as well use our REST API.