REMIT reporting

eZ-Ops REMIT reporting


REMIT reporting is important for market transparency reasons: every company buying or selling power and/or gas on the market has to declare standard and non standard transactions to ACER. This is done through RRM entities such as eZ-nergy.

eZ-nergy has the official status of Reporting Registered Mechanism. Our ACER code is B0001860H.FR. This status means that through our eZ-Ops REMIT reporting module, we offer full REMIT reporting services to European power and gas markets participants.

As independant and neutral service provider, eZ-nergy acts as a third party RRM in order to report your data via our eZ-Ops REMIT reporting module. You will then benefit from our robust and reliable IT platform to fulfill you REMIT obligations.

In order to keep your process smooth and easy, we offer fully automated reporting possibilities. Use our web portal or our Excel template to declare your daily or monthly data.

eZ-Ops REMIT reporting software also handles the generation of Unique Transaction ID (UTI) generation using ACER algorithms.