Energy trading platform

eZ-Ops: the European energy trading platform

  • eZ-Ops is our European energy trading software – natively designed to make energy trading easy.

    Our web energy trading solution focuses on automating physical gas and power logistics but also short term portfolio balancing all over Europe. Algorithmic energy trading, energy position management, gas and power nominations and power generation scheduling are part of the key functionalities.

    The first scalable energy trading solution

    Start with an energy trading software adapted to your needs and that will grow with your business. eZ-Ops is a very scalable solution with a quick set-up phase. Just focus on your strategy and leave us the complex IT part.

    No excessive upfront licence cost with our Software as a service business model. You pay a monthly fee adapted to your needs and adapt it to your business growth in due time.

    Easy integration in your daily process

    Our web energy trading solution does not require any hardware nor maintenance on your side. Technical connections with Transmission System Operators and Market Operators or Exchanges platforms are handled in the back-end of our energy trading sofware and is fully transparent for you.

    Energy trading software functionalities can also be fully integrated in your own energy trading software using our REST API.

    Internally developed, this energy trading solution offers strong interoperability with other systems such as Energy Trading and Risk Management (ETRM) software, energy forecasting and energy optimisation tools you might already use. Data feed is fully automated and things remain easy for users.

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