Energy One Group to acquire eZ-nergy

Energy One Group to acquire eZ-nergy

We are very excited to announce that eZ-nergy has entered into a definitive agreement to get acquired by Energy One Group.

The transaction is expected to close during the first quarter 2020.

Energy One is a supplier of software products and services to wholesale energy, environmental and carbon trading markets. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange since 2007, Energy One has a successful track record of providing sophisticated, practical solutions to Australian and international energy market customers.

Twelve months ago, Energy One acquired Contigo Software Ltd, a UK based supplier of Energy Trading and Risk Management solutions used by businesses in the UK and across Europe. eZ-nergy and Contigo have partnered together for several years to provide a unified range of solutions serving the European power and gas markets. The teams at Contigo and eZ-nergy are already working closely together as business partners.

This acquisition will bring many opportunities to both Contigo and eZ-nergy and reinforce both organisations strength and footprint in Europe, backed by a solid, successful company parent company.

The business and operational relationship with clients will remain strictly unchanged, and the eZ-nergy teams and founders will remain in place and to support and grow ongoing operations.

eZ-nergy team will commit to the same responsiveness, high-quality and flexible service ou clients have experienced so far. It will stay focused on European power and gas nomination & scheduling services as well as automated and intraday trading solutions with both software solutions and 24/7 services.

We look forward to the next steps of our adventure!

We wish you happy holidays!


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