Our aim: make energy trading easy!

eZ-nergy is a neutral and independent software and service provider based in Paris, France.

Established in 2013, our company has a strong customer base in Europe. Our 20-people team focuses on a daily basis on customer success.

More than 40 power and gas markets participants take advantage of our energy trading software solutions. Additionally, our 24/7 team has the ability to trade and handle operations on behalf of our customers all over Europe.

We are convinced that short term energy trading becomes easy and straitghforward if you use the correct tools!

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    • Business development & strategy
  • Johann Zamboni

    Co-founder & CEO

    Johann has 18 years of experience in the European power and gas energy markets. He has worked successively for Total Gas & Power, RTE (french power TSO), Engie and Poweo (now Total Direct Energie) with a high focus on energy management and gas-fired power assets optimisation.

    Johann holds a generalist engineer degree from the French Mines ParisTech school.

  • Adrien Patenôtre

    Co-founder & CTO

    Adrien has been working on trading and power assets optimisation for the first 4 years of his career at Poweo, one of the first French independant supplier and power producer, now Total Direct Energie. He always had a high focus on IT system and trading tools.

    Adrien holds a generalist degree from the French Supelec engineer school.

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    • IT solutions & architecture
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    • 24/7 operations & scheduling
  • Jean Angotti

    Co-founder & COO

    Jean has been successively working as a scheduler at Poweo (now Total Direct Energie) and as head of Energy Management at Poweo Pont sur Sambre Production. He has strong knowledge in power and gas scheduling and generation assets optimisation.

    Jean has been graduated 10 years ago with a master’s degree from the Montpellier University focused on energy markets

We are constantly looking for news talents. So do not hesitate to send us your motivations to be part of our adventure!

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